Photo by Dave McNally, Mountain Light
Photo by Dave McNally, Mountain Light

Don't Go It Alone

When the climb seems daunting, there are expert guides available, to ensure your team reaches the mountaintop.

For Funders

If you are a Foundation, Bank, Corporate Sponsor or Angel Investor, alongside a grant or investment, you can provide the organization you are supporting with an expert who has five decades of startup, planning, development, management, and team building experience.  On a part-time basis, you can give your executive team a coach or guide to bring out their best, and bridge the gaps.

For Nonprofit Boards and Executive Teams

If you have a gap in your leadership, consider an interim executive or transitions coach, an interim Executive Director or Development Director.  You can ensure that your organizational momentum continues while you conduct a search for the right long-term team member.  You can bring in A level seasoning and perspective without springing for a full time position.

For Angel Investors and Capital Funds

Consider providing a seasoned, three-time business founder, who has managed her last startup for 23 years, as a guide for any entrepreneur you are funding.  Entrepreneurs often have a viable vision, but little experience of the landscape, the potential pitfalls and opportunities, and can stumble on obstacles instead of leaping toward the goals.  An experienced consultant can help guide your team toward success, can bring expertise, objectivity and excellent team relationship skills to the organization.


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Randy speaking at gala

Randy Houk, CEO

Founder & CEO

Randy is a seasoned entrepreneur and nonprofit executive who has raised over $15 million for her various businesses.  She was an executive for National Public Radio, More Than Wheels and most recently, Raising A Reader MA.  She founded, grew and managed three startups, her most recent for 23 years.  Her special talents lie in relationship cultivation, development, team mentoring, forging strategic partnerships and planning.  She is articulate and warm, professional and grounded.  Please see 'About Us' for additional information.

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