“I worked with Randy Houk as she transitioned to Executive Director for Raising A Reader MA, the nonprofit I founded, and we continued to work together on a variety of projects thereafter. Randy is a high energy and entrepreneurial thinker. Her years of both business and nonprofit leadership experience position her well as a consultant, providing a uniquely hybrid approach to strategic planning and creative marketing. I’ve enjoyed working with her and hope we continue to collaborate as new project opportunities arise.”

Donna DiFillippo, Founding Executive Director of Raising A Reader MA

My name is Lorraine L. I am 53 year-old single woman that was having a midlife crisis with my career. I hired Randy Houk as a consultant to analyse my current career as well as help with my long term goals.

Randy had an amazing and detailed program that processed many questions on how I look at myself as a career woman. The coaching sessions gave me a valuable inside look at me. I didn’t realize at first how the program was going to work to better my career and balance my daily happiness. But by the fourth session with Randy I found the answers to my life concerns.

Randy was an amazing and kind soul to work with, she always filled me with so much love, confidence and self-worth. By helping me see all my accomplishments, she gave me the gift of happiness. It has been a pleasure to work with Randy Houk.

Very grateful, Lorraine L

“I had the great fortune of working with Randy Houk while serving as board chair for Raising a Reader of MA from 2015-2016. Randy became our ED when our founding ED retired. This was a time of great change for RARMA as we waited to see how funders, staff and families served would react to the change in leadership.

Randy was exactly the stabilizing force we needed at the time. Randy has a calm yet passionate demeanor. She has an experienced leadership style and is comfortable drawing on her gut instinct that enables her to bring the right approach to each situation.

Randy is a strong mentor and coach for her staff. She’s a skilled negotiator, a solid fundraiser, and a fantastic relationship builder. Randy is a high-integrity, mature leader who is open and authentic in all her communications and driven to achieve organizational goals.

It was a pleasure and an education working with her.”

Lisa Spadafora Thompson

Sturbridge Growth Partners
Former Principal | Strategy & Operations
Deloitte Consulting LLP