An Interim Executive

Is there a gap in your organization's senior leadership?  Consider bringing in a transitional executive as a bridge over the interval..  

Seasoned leadership can help to bring synergy and aligned vision, and an experienced coach can bring synergy and excellence from the team.  With 50 years of experience, our consultant's perspective can help spot challenges well in advance, and ensure measurable, achievable objectives are established and that your team buys into these goals.

  • An expert coach can sit at the right shoulder of your executives, providing guidance, asking questions, helping them avoid pitfalls
  • Ultimately, an interim executive is a way to build more expertise into your team and elicit peak performance.
  • An interim executive can research the landscape, work with the team to refine the existing plan, and ensure the ground is ready for a smooth transition when a new team member comes aboard

In either role, as Interim E.D. or DOD, our consultant will look at the strategic plan and the goals for the short and long term.  We'll look at the allocation of objectives that will reach those goals.  We'll look at the landscape, and the unique value proposition your nonprofit offers.  And we'll work with the team and board, to ensure the goals come from them and that there is alignment toward the goals.  (See Short-term Assessment and Planning)

Both of our consultants have extensive experience in coaching a team, with excellent results.  Both are equally experienced in building and cultivating outside relationships.  We can help with communications between the Board and the Team, or with funding sources and the E.D.  We can help hone the search, so the Board and the Team are aligned on the priorities for the candidate.

Randy is also an excellent public speaker, seasoned and comfortable in large or small crowds.  Here's a sample interview she gave for the nonprofit, More Than Wheels:

A Funder's Ambassador

As a component of your donation, consider contributing, along with funding, a period of time from a mentor and executive coach.  Often foundations, banks and corporate sponsors invest in a nonprofit, but then don't hear how things are going until a year later, when they get a year-end report.

  • Your mentor's expertise can help the team work to peak efficacy.
  • A guide can help shepherd the team, maximize existing resources
  • Your guide can add additional expertise and experience to the team.

We can represent your interests,  and coach the team to elicit buy-in to the goals, and maximize results.  We can help them avoid pitfalls and spot opportunities they may not have thought about.  An executive team is often down in the trenches, but an executive coach can see the long game, and how to get there.

A Guide Toward Sustainability

With 5 decades of entrepreneurial experience, our team may be able to identify income-generating opportunities and a path toward sustainability.  Often funding sources need to be diversified, and an early-stage nonprofit has relied too heavily on sources that will be there for a period, and then move on to other priorities.

  • our team can help you assess development needs and plan a course of action
  • our team can help elicit from the team and board a development plan that will maximize resources and grow a network of support
  • our team can coach executives on how to cultivate loyal givers, who will increase their funding as their level of engagement grows.

We know how to cultivate these relationships, and listen to each donor, to determine how they most want to be engaged.

Often it takes outside eyes to spot opportunities that could generate income and a path toward sustainability.  Sometimes this will be a strategic partnership opportunity, where two entities can join forces and the sum becomes greater than the parts.  Sometimes this will be a different application for existing assets, such as digitizing a curriculum, or franchising a service to a for-profit organization.  We  can consult to a nonprofit to help identify, negotiate and implement plans for such a project.  We have extensive experience in forging partnerships, both between nonprofits, and between nonprofit and for profit entities.




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Testimonials and References

"I had the great fortune of working with Randy Houk while serving as Board Chair for Raising A Reader MA, from 2015 - 2016.  Randy became our E.D. when our founding E.D. retired.  This was a time of great change for Raising A Reader MA as we waited to see how funders, staff and families served would react to the change in leadership.

Randy was exactly the stabilizing force we needed at the time.  Randy has a calm yet passionate demeanor. She has an experienced leadership style and is comfortable drawing on her gut instinct that enables her to bring the right approach to each situation.

Randy is a strong mentor and coach for a staff. She's a skilled negotiator, a solid fundraiser, and a fantastic relationship builder.  Randy is a high-integrity, mature leader who is open and authentic in all her communications and driven to achieve organizational goals.

It was a pleasure and an education working with her."

Lisa Spadafora Thompson

Principal/Strategy and Operations

Deloitte Consulting LLP

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