Do you feel that your career is satisfying your life's purpose? Do you have a sense of joy and fulfillment about the work you are doing? Do you have the sense that you are using all of your best talents and skills, and growing, adding new ones as you take on new challenges? Are you respected and valued in your work life, and rewarded satisfactorily? In your professional interactions, are you comfortable being exactly who you are?

If you cannot answer yes to these question, perhaps some time spent with a career development coach could be of help. It is our premise that your career should be a reflection of your best skills and your passions. If you are yearning towards another career path, perhaps some coaching would enhance your experience, and allow you to grow in your job and in your interactions. It may be that some training would help you move toward work that is more satisfying. New skills require practice.

We'll begin by taking an inventory, and learning what you have been doing, and where you feel you have excelled, and where you didn't excel. What aspects of your professional life have been most joyful and rewarding, and which least? Where do you think your value lies?

  • Resume - recipients will spend less than 3 seconds scanning this. Does yours prioritize your key experience and goals? ┬áDo the salient features jump out?
  • Prospective careers - are there career opportunities you may not have considered, that may fit your talents and goals?
  • Prospective employers - how are you going to stand out with those looking for you?
  • Your network - have you gotten the word out to everyone in your world? ┬áHave you included all sources, such as your church, book group, school friendships and career to date?

Once we've worked through our inventory, we can look at your career goals, set some reasonable timelines, and help you make a plan toward your ultimate vision. We have extensive experience in coaching executives and helping them clarify their goals. Give us a call, and we can talk about meeting to discuss how we can be of help.

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