Would your CEO,  E.D. or executive team benefit from a seasoned coach and mentor, one with fifty years of leadership both in the nonprofit and for-profit arenas?  Often a new company or nonprofit cannot afford this kind of expertise and experience, and though the team is intelligent and talented, they may also be untested.  An interim executive or guide can work with your team to ensure all are aligned toward the same vision, and that the growing Board brings additional resources that complement and support the mission.  Part-time or interim expertise of this kind can be cost-effective and invaluable, ensuring small course-corrections before large mistakes can be made.  What she can provide includes:

  • A professional business plan that assesses the competitive landscape and outlines how to build on a unique niche opportunity will secure more funding support
  • A professional mentor who can coach your executive team, surface obstacles, and ensure all are on board, and utilizing their best skills,and growing into their roles
  • A funder's ambassador, who can ensure the resources you've provided are wisely invested, ensure there are communication systems to keep the board and the team updated on cash flow and projections, and bring decades of experience in potential pitfalls, and help the team avoid them
  • An interim executive, who can help with credibility and momentum, and bridge a gap while a search is underway
  • An interim guide, who may be able to spot income-generating opportunities, and help expand the network for the organization
  • Ensure that your team has the best tools and route for the climb

Dave McNally, Mountain Light Studio


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